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Opening New  Doors
with Carol Merrill

“Why I Buy My Clothes At Second-Hand Stores”

Number One In A Healthier Living Series of E-Books to be written by Carol Merrill


Carol Merrill is best known to television audiences as the "lovely" assistant to Monty Hall for 14 years on the popular game show "Let's Make A Deal".  A career in natural health care and environmental action became her focus at the close of that show.  Now, she is emerging from 35 years of study and work to write a series of mini-books in a Healthier Living Series.  

Shopping and organizing wardrobes around second-hand clothing is Carol’s first topic.   Her interest developed in the 1970’s when she was working with a prominent chiropractor/nutritionist in Malibu and realized that chemically sensitive patients felt healthier when wearing used clothes rather than new.  She began studying the chemicals and processes used in the growing and production of fibers and fabrics and  came to realize that this is an overlooked health issue that needs to be addressed. 

An avid surfer husband led her to a life in Hawaii during the 90’s. There, Carol became a leader in the Sierra Club and was awarded the First Lady and Mayor’s Awards for her environmental work, statewide and on the Big Island. During that time she also founded Hawaii’s Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides. A growing awareness of the need to reduce chemicals whenever and wherever possible, combined with a desire to live more economically,  fueled her passion for second-hand shopping. 
In 2001, the beaches of Australia lured Carol and her mate to a new life there. Aussie “Op Shops” (opportunity shops) became her frequent destinations as she honed her shopping skills. Today, a low-budget, healthier wardrobe is evidence of mastery. Carol boldly and articulately, laced with humor and charm, advocates the benefits and fun of a closet full of used clothes.

Economic and environmental timeliness make Carol’s message a hit with wide audiences. Parents of newborns, adults on a budget, chronically ill, health devotees – all will want to hear what this celebrity has to say about clothing that is a bargain in more ways than one. Second hand clothing sales are up sharply this year and this shopping venue is a frequent topic on the TV, radio, and in the press. Carol has a new twist:  Save your money, and also, save your health.

In this first book in her new E-Book Series, Carol will share her years of experience in:
How to shop at second hand stores
Caring for your “new to you” wardrobe

Fashion Swapping Parties

Vintage Clothing
Sources and shops

Softening our footprint on the planet

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