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The "classic" Let's Make A Deal television series featured emcee Monty Hall, announcer Jay Stewart, and model Carol Merrill.  The show was produced by Stefan Hatos and Alan Gilbert and directed by Joe Behar.  Writers included James Critchfield, Steve Feke, Alan Gilbert, Berni Gould, Stefan Hatos, Henry Koval, Nat Ligerman, Tony Newton, and Roger Wright - with Ivan Ditmars as Musical Director. 


See The Hatos Hall Family  for Information about some of the rest of the team.


The Credits that rolled at the end of the show...

1975  Long Crawl     From a Worldvision episode shot at ABC Television Center in Hollywood.

1985  Long Crawl      From a Telepictures episode shot at NBC Studios in Burbank.

1986  Short Crawl     From a Telepictures episode shot at Hollywood Center Studios (KTLA lot) in Hollywood.

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