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From the very early broadcasts of the Let's Make A Deal program, box games and other items featuring the show have been sold in stores throughout America. 

In 1964, Milton Bradley and NBC teamed to produce the first Let's Make A Deal box game --

and in 1974, Ideal Toys came out with a newer version of the box game.

In 1998, Tiger Electronics produced an interactive home game, featuring the voice of Monty Hall.  

Currrently, Trau and Loevner produces a line of "Television Game Show" tee-shirts - including several Let's Make A Deal shirts - available at retail stores throughout the U.S.

And several States have included Let's Make A Deal Scratcher Games in their State Lotteries. 


An Interactive DVD Game developed by Imagination Games is now available worldwide.

And in 2010 the Pressman Toy Corporation introduced a LET'S MAKE A DEAL box game featuring CBS-TV host Wayne Brady.


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