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LET'S MAKE A DEAL has been the object of comedic parodies many times over the past forty years.


 The most notable parody was on the Let's Make A Deal episode of THE ODD COUPLE in 1973, in which Monty Hall appeared with series' stars Jack Klugman and Tony Randall.  (The following year Monty appeared on another episode of THE ODD COUPLE entitled A Different Drummer.)



In 1979, the animated film THE FLINTSONES MEET ROCKULA AND FRANKENSTONE opened with a game show entitled Make a Deal or Don't with host "Monty Marble."

In a 1975 episode of the situation comedy SANFORD AND SON, the series star Redd Foxx appeared on a game show called Wheel and Deal with host "Harry Monty" played by John Barbour.

The animated characters in the the cartoon WACKY & PACKY took part in a game-show spoof entitled Let's Make A Bundle.  The host of the show was named Monty Tall.

The SIMPSONS animated series included an episode in which Mr. Burns played a game show host patterned after Monty Hall.  In the episode, entitled Homer Goes to College, Mr. Burns attempts to "make a deal" with inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

George Carlin's comedy album FM & AM includes a free-wheeling discussion of LET'S MAKE A DEAL.  And Cheech and Chong used LET'S MAKE A DEAL as comedic fodder for routines entitled Let's Make A Dope Deal and Let's Make A New Dope Deal on two of their comedy albums. 

Jimmy Buffett declares that his "whole life lies waiting behind Door Number Three" in a very-popular song parody on his A-1-A album.  The song Door Number Tree (written by Buffett and Steve Goodman)  is also heard in the documentary film Deal .

DOOR NUMBER THREE Lyrics  (1974)
Oh I took a wrong turn, it was the right turn
My turn to have me a ball
Boys at the shop told me just where to stop
If I wanted to play for it all
I didn't know I'd find her on daytime TV
My whole world lies waiting behind door number three
I chose my apparel, I wore a beer barrel
And they rolled me to the very first row
I held a big sign that said "Kiss me I'm a baker,
and Monty I sure need the dough!"
Then I grabbed that sucker by the throat
Until he called on me
Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three
And I don't want what Jay's got on his table
Or the box Carol Merrill points to on the floor
No, I'll hold out just as long as I am able
Until I can unlock that lucky door
Well, she's no big deal to most folks
But she's everything to me
Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three
Oh Monty, Monty, Monty, I am walking down your hall
Got beat, I lost my seat but I'm not a man to crawl
Though I didn't get rich, you son of a bitch
I'll be back just wait and see
Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three
Yes my whole world lies waiting behind door number three


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