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Foreign-Language Productions 

of Let's Make A Deal

FremantleMedia has licensed Let's Make A Deal 

for production Worldwide

2007 -- Produced in the native languages, versions of Let's Make A Deal are currently broadcast in Greece and Indonesia.

Past Foreign Versions of Let's Make A Deal include...

France on TF1

Le Bigdil

Germany on Kabel 1

Geh aufs Ganze!

India on STAR Plus 

Khullja Sim Sim


Australia  Let's Make A Deal
Greece To Megalo Pazari
Hungary Zsákbamacska
Israel  =1*:3 823
Italy 12 Ore
Mexico  Trato Hecho
Poland on POLSAT  Idó Na Ca»oщ!
Portugal  Negócio Fechado
Russia =, % ),>\("N ER"FH\,
Spain on Antena 3 Trato Hecho
Turkey Sec Bakalim

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